Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Apparently, being barked at is hilarious...

A budding pianist?

Trip to Amarillo

Last weekend Lincoln had a big time. He saw his Gram & PJ and met his Great Uncle Scott (for the first time) in Amarillo. My mom provided some very cool toys (apparently MUCH cooler than anything we had at home, from Lincoln's perspective :) and my dad baby-sat for an entire afternoon while my mom and I went shopping. He also saw Nonny & Papa as they came through Houston. He is becoming quite the little traveler, as he flirted with everyone on the plane. Lincoln also got to meet cutie-pie Jaida Gabel for the first time! It was very fun to see them together. Lincoln also had fun w/ Yukon. I was afraid he might be overwhelmed since Yukon is huge compared to our dog, but Lincoln loved him!

Go 'Stros!

Lincoln went to his first Astros game a few weekends ago, and was mesmerized looking at the field. It will probably be the first of many more games to come this summer! Now he just needs a hat and a jersey....

Isn't he a little young for this...?

Well, a few weekends ago we went to the Davises' beach house in Galveston for Jake's 17th birthday. Despite my protesting (and definitive proof that I'm not a "cool" mom, :) Andrew took Linc out on the innertube! (No worries, Matt was driving the boat very slowly, but still, it was nervewracking for me. Lincoln, however, apparently wasn't nervous - he slept through the whole thing! He also didn't seem to mind the life jacket. It was a fun day, and we look forward to more beach time, swimming, and boating with him in the future.