Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day

I just wanted to put a short post out there to my sweet husband. We had a great Valentines Day dinner, and it was just so much fun to spend the evening together (and without a highchair or goldfish cracker in sight....) Thanks for being so wonderful, Drew!

Linc and his buddy Jackson

Linc and Jackson were cracking us up at lunch the other day...

Zoo times

Linc and I hung out at the zoo the other day - it was a beautiful sunny day and we got to see the new baby giraffe (6 days old, and 6 feet tall....crazy.) Linc kept saying "where baby?" and I kept pointing to the giraffe - he just looked at me like I was nuts. Anyway, I made the mistake of giving him cotton candy, and created a fiend. He gobbled it up and was a gooey mess by the end of the day...and I'm pretty sure he got licked by a goat in the petting zoo as a result. But he didn't seem to mind.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sweet Lincoln moments

I was able to spend this afternoon with Lincoln, and he was in a particularly cute mood. His little personality is really coming out. He LOVES books, and today sat down and tried to "read" a story to me - complete with guestures and voice inflection, although no intelligible words. (It was the book "Moo, Baa, La La La" - one of his personal favorites. He especially loves making the sheep noise.) Then, while playing outside he and I picked an orange from our neighbor's tree and he giggled so loudly as we peeled it together, and ate it while sitting in the grass. What a sweet, precious moment! I definitely don't want to take it for granted. He was so fascinated by the whole process-from picking the orange off the tree, (which got a big "WHOA" to getting to throw the orange peel at the dog as he ran by. I especially enjoy his impromtu kisses (even though the post-orange kisses were incredibly sticky - and drooly.)

Some cute, recent school moments:

--Linc LOVES his backpack (thanks, mom) and likes to put his cars in it and carry it around the house
--He is learning lots of new words, like "airplane," "eat," "nap," "soccer" and "Bryce" (for Bryce Borden)
--Linc loves playing in his hut and dragging all of his stuffed animals in - then throwing them out the window while yelling "out" "out" "out"
-He still stops and starts bopping up and down every time he hears music
--Linc loves throwing his football at anything and everyone - and esp. at Major the dog
--Linc loves watching basketball (seriously) and every few seconds will say "Shoot it." (Andrew is so proud. I am just going to give up and surrender the TV to ESPN 24/7 one of these days.)
--He started gymnastics today, and according to his teacher, laughed the whole time and just ran up and down on the foam mats like a little wild man. Perhaps one day he'll learn a front roll.
--This morning at school he grabbed his breakfast from his backpack (a nutra grain bar and a banana) before I could take it out for him and just walked over to the table. Then he grabbed a plate from the end of the table, sat down in a little chair, and started unwrapping his nutragrain bar. I was like "stop growing up - don't you need to me do that??"
--And finally, Linc loves kissing his friend Grace at school (we'll have to have a chat about that at some point.)

Back home and on the mend...

Although I plan to personnally thank everyone who has helped us out so much this past week, I wanted to post and say a general "THANKS!" Andrew and I realized that we have the BEST friends, and we appreciate you all! We were so thankful for our church family, too. (For those who I haven't talked to, I was in the hospital a few days last week, and in and out of the doctor and the ER on other days with a massive headache and other issues. Unfortunately, the doctors were not able to definitively diagnose what was wrong, but they are operating on 2 theories - either viral meningitis with a secondary sinus infection, or the "worst migraine of my life" with a secondary sinus infection. Either way, miserable time. To those of you who emailed, texted, called, prayed, brought us food, and babysat Lincoln, we can't thank you enough. (I would have thanked you at the time, but I seem to have spent most of last week in a narcotic-induced haze....) Anyway, I have some follow-up tests scheduled and still have a nagging headache to get rid of, so maybe they will get to the bottom of it. I am thankful to be home, though.