Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hanging out with friends

Today Link hung out with three of his "friends" - Harper, Brice, and Petyon. Although Link wasn't completely into it, it will be fun to show these pictures to the kids when they get older. (And while the kids didn't think the photo op was that fun, the moms had fun trying to get all 4 of them to look at the camera and not squish each other...or roll over onto Lincoln. Brice kept trying to "play" with Lincoln this afternoon, while Peyton graciously tried to share her toys with him - by stacking them on him while he was in his bouncer. He and Brice are lucky boys to have two adorable girls around them! :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Five weeks old...

It's so hard to believe that Lincoln is five weeks old now! Every day he gets more interactive, and is still a very sweet, laid-back baby. He is already growing so quickly! He's had a lot of comlpany lately. Over the past month he's met both sets of grandparents, his aunt Tiffany and Uncle Barrett and his aunt Shawna. Next month he is set to meet his uncle Brandon, cousins Michael and Karri, GG (great grandma Cope), and Nonny and Papa (his other set of great grandparents). What a lucky kid! Here are some photos of the recent visits.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Lincoln's first week home

Lincoln had a great first week at home. He's still trying to figure out his days versus nights, and is a bit fussy during the evenings, but is so much fun! We sit and stare at him all the time, just amazed at this little, precious person! Andrew and I are having a great time figuring out "parenthood."

We've had a lot of help, though. My mom and dad were here for his birth, and then my mom stayed a week and was a huge help around the house, and with him. We, and Link, enjoyed time w/ her! Tiffany and Barrett have gotten to spend some time with him, and Andrew's parents and sister are coming in next week. Also, thanks to all of our friends who have brought dinner - that has been a blessing!