Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lincoln's 2nd birthday (September 20, 2009)

It is hard to believe that Lincoln turned two on September 20th! The past two years have been such a blessing. He is a precious, funny, witty, sweet, and adorable little boy. We just love him more than we ever imagined possible.

Lincoln did not have a 1st birthday party, thanks to Hurricane Ike, but he celebrated his 2nd birthday multiple times!
Amarillo Birthday Celebration: First, we celebrated in Amarillo with my parents and Uncle Barrett and Aunt Tiffany. Lincoln got a radio flyer tricycle from my parents, and a teeball set (tee, bat, balls) from Barrett and Tiff. He loved them all! (Although he is still working at peddling the tricycle; right now he just scoots his feet on the floor. I'm sure he'll get the hang of it soon.)

School "party" Then, we celebrated with cookies with his class at Cathedral House:

Home party: Finally, we decided to have a pretty laid-back 2nd birthday party at our house with lots of friends from church, work, and Lincoln's school. We were a little nervous whether Lincoln would like the bouncer and slide (it was a little .... larger and steeper than the picture on the rental website showed) but from the second that the bouncer was set up in our driveway the night before, Linc was an addict! He wouldn't get off of it (he asked if he could sleep in it) and, was pretty devastated when the company came and picked it up after the party was over! Linc wanted a "Cars" movie cupcake cake, and he seemed to have a good time with all of his little friends. Some kids that attended included: Bryce Borden, Payton and Parker Carlisle, Kyleigh Brigham, Grace Brannum, Emory Carrol, Trey Edwards, Miles Mitchell, Walker Byrd, Carson Tichenor, Adelaide Ervin, Ivy Frankel, Austin Harris, Avery and Livvy Crider, and Jack and Kate Gowens. Even though it was about 90 degrees, we had a good time visiting with friends and watching the kids play. (Though next year, I'll skip any cupcakes with black or red icing - talk about a mess!)

Linc loved his "Cars" balloons that decorated the table. (He asked to sleep with his Lightening McQueen balloon the night that the party was over.)
Linc, about to blow out his candles.
A family picture (though Linc had already gotten into the icing!)
The cake!
Some of Linc's friends - Bryce and Payton

Grace, Adelaide, Avery, Olivia The bouncer had a huge slide, that was a bit...steeper...than we expected, but the kids had a blast. (I was worried that they might shoot off the end, onto our driveway, though, and get hurt. We had all sorts of blankets and mats down at the end, to try and soften up the cement, but thankfully it turned out fine :)

We busted out lots of riding toys, and "baby" toys in the driveway, plus chalk and bubbles, since we had such a range of ages. The 2 year olds seemed to be the ones playing in the baby ball pit the most, though!
Andrew made sure that college football was showing on the patio (a way to get the husbands to attend a 2 year old birthday party!)

Again...I am WAY behind on posting!

WOW - I am embarassed at how long it has been since I have posted! We've had a few things happening in our lives since Labor Day :) And, since I am now convinced I'll never actually complete the type of scrapbooking that I once envisioned, perhaps I can revive the blog (and then let one of those companies turn it into a scrapbook for me :) So, here goes - I am committed to at least blogging more than once every 4 months!