Friday, May 21, 2010

Lawson's newborn photo shoot

Mother's Day 2010

Mother's Day this year fell on Andrew's 32nd birthday, so we had two things to celebrate. I loved my home-made card from Lincoln, and the sweet cards from Lawson and Andrew. I feel so blessed to have two wonderful sons - they (and Andrew) are God's greatest blessings to me!

April and May fun 2010

I have thoroughly enjoyed being home on maternity leave. (I took 14 weeks this time!) It has been so wonderful to spend time with the boys. We've tried to make the most of it - lots of outings, play dates, time at the park and museums, and just hanging out around the house together. (It's amazing - when Lincoln was a baby, I thought leaving the house with an infant was so hard. Now I realize that's the easy age - they sleep anywhere, and it doesn't take much to make Lawson content.)
Lincoln is such a joy to be around. He talks nonstop, and says the sweetest, funniest things. Lawson is a wonderful baby; now he smiles all the time, and is a total snuggle bug. I feel so blessd to have had this time to be home with them both. While I am sad my leave is coming to an end, I feel great about the fact that "Miss Amanda" will be starting soon as our nanny, and then Linc will begin preschool at Southminster Presbyterian in the fall.

Over the past few months Linc has enjoyed picnics in the park, kyaking with Uncle Brandon, playing in the fountains at Discovery Green, playing in his wading pool, swimming, riding the train at Hermann park, making cookies with friends, riding bikes with daddy, and "playing baseball." Little boys are so much fun! Here are a few photos:

Decorating cookies with Carson

Riding the train at Hermann Park (a bit daring to let Linc hold Lawson for a picture unassisted, but I wanted a shot of both of them.)

Playing with Carson, Jack, Kate, and Scarlet in the wading pool

The boys in their matching tee-shirts. (I originally bought these for a hospital photo...but obviously Lawson was way too small to wear his for a few months. Oh well! At least I tried to get a shot (it's hard to prop up a 2 month old and get him to stay still so you can read his tee-shirt!)

We enjoyed a picnic at Discovery Green downtown, and then Linc played in the fountains.

Linc and Andrew go on several bike rides a week, or enjoy playing basketball in the driveway. (Andrew reworked some of the landscaping in the back so he has a "full court" with two basketball goals. I have a feeling I know where our boys will be spending a lot of time once they grow up!)

Linc is really into baseball at the moment - he loves to practice batting and throwing (catching is still a major work in progress, but it's so cute to watch.) Andrew is so patient with him and a great teacher.

Linc is also really into pirates right now. He especially enjoys sword fights (with these foam swords I found...thank goodness they are foam, his fencing skills are a bit lacking :)

When Linc plays in his wading pool in the driveway, Lawson hangs out in the "baby cabana." (Though Linc usually ends up in there too - what a great invention!)

Lawson has just recently began to hold his head up well enough to sit in the bumbo - so convenient! (But he always looks a bit confused, like "what is this thing?")

Linc is a GREAT big brother - always really sweet to Lawson. He likes to hold him, talk to him, and always turns on the music in his bouncer or finds his pacifier if Lawson cries.

We've enjoyed many "lunch play dates" with Bryce, Payton and Parker. I love these kids! They are so precious.

Linc LOVES playing with Jackson, and it's hilarious to listen to them play and talk to each other. (Mary Beth and I love that they are becoming such good buddies! Now we can switch off babysitting so the other couple gets a date night. It's been so nice.) The funniest thing recently was when Jackson came over one evening and they decided to act out "David and Goliath." It was going well until Linc actually hit "Goliath" (Jackson) in the head with a (fake) rock. Then Goliath hit David with a (foam) sword. They decided that they would both be "dead" even though in the story, only Goliath dies. Hysterical.

Easter 2010

This Easter we stuck with tradition and celebrated with the Bordens. Brandon also came down from Austin for the weekend. Gina and I cooked, and after lunch Bryce and Linc hunted eggs in our front yard. Jayden and Lawson just watched...but I bet next year they will be all over the egg hunt.

A "pre-Easter dinner" nap:

Jayden (5 months) & Lawson (2 months):

Bryce and Linc were excited to have their own table - I was excited that they would eat the strawberry jello pretzel salad over the marble entryway, rather than our carpeted dining room. Everybody wins!

Gina and Brandon at the table (just before Brandon drizzled ham glaze all over his mashed potatoes, thinking it was gravy. Oops!)

The egg hunt: sheer determination!

Counting the haul...
Hopefully Linc won't "find" any more poison ivy in our yard...been there, done that.

We started Easter morning by having Lincoln "hunt" for his Easter basket that the Easter bunny had hidden. His favorite part of his basket was an outdoor soccer ball.

Found it! That sneaky bunny...

Life is funny. For some reason, I had Easter morning all pictured in my head - it would be glorious. The kids would be in a good mood, wouldn't fight us to get dressed up, we'd get some great family photos, and Lincoln would gush over his Easter basket (rather than whine to eat more candy before church.) I quickly realized I was being unrealistic. It didn't exactly turn out like I is our "family photo" :
After some threats of an "Easter morning timeout" this is the best family shot I could get (yes, Linc was still not happy about the fact that he could not eat all the chocolate out of his basket before church, but he perked up when we said he could take his new, stuffed Easter bunny with him.)

At least Lawson was in a good mood - he must have loved his sweater vest and matching argyle socks. He knew he was stylin'.

And Lawson grows!

Lawson at one week (5.2 lbs):

Lawson's first bath (sorry for the naked shot, but funny that he was too little even for the sink in our master bath!

Lawson at 6 weeks (7.7 lbs):
Lawson at 2 months (9.5 lbs):

Lawson at 2 1/2 months: Lawson at 3 months: (12.5 lbs!)
My three favorite men!

A visit with Uncle Barrett and Aunt Tiffany!

A visit with Uncle Brandon!