Friday, June 27, 2008

that sweet Lincoln smile . . .

I LOVE animals....

Linc is now becoming VERY aware of the different stuffed animals in his safari nursery...every time we walk in the nursery he wants to play with the giraffe, elephant, or cheetah. He just giggles and smiles at all of them (and tries to chew on them, of course.) If he could talk, I'm sure he would say "Thanks for the elephant, Great Uncle Scott! Thanks for the Giraffe, PJ!"

Dallas basketball tourney

Last weekend Andrew, Drew, Luke, and Michael played in the annual "hoop it up" - and, like almost every year, won :) I'm not sure it was the most fun tournament they've ever played in, due to the terrible refereeing (and not the most fun one for the wives to watch, due to the 100 plus heat, on the asphalt!) but we had a great time hanging out together and getting to meet the newest cousin, Braylon Whitmire.

Playing in the wading pool

Playing with Brice...

Brice came over to play the other day while Gina and Bryan went to a wedding. It was all fun and games playing with, in, and under the laundry basket...until Brice decided he'd had enough.

Visit with Uncle Brandon

Brandon spent a few days with us before he headed off to his Army Officer Basic Course in San Antonio. He's currently "in the field" . . . so we're interested to hear from him when he returns!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Lincoln's first haircut

Andrew never ceases to amaze me - he's got talents I never thought he had! He decided last weekend that Linc needed a hair cut...and proceeded to give him one. He actually did a really good job. There's one spot where he nicked him (which, I of course, had to capture on film- note the "bald spot" near his ear) Overall, I was very impressed and it was pretty funny to watch. :)

Lincoln's favorite toy...

Lincoln's favorite toy at the moment is a plastic laundry much for all of the "stimulating" toys we've bought him, and others have given him...but whatever works!

Brandon's Graduation / trip to Detroit

Andrew's brother, Brandon, graduated from Dental school a few weeks ago in Detroit. We are so proud of him!! Brandon has joined the Army, and will be in San Antonio this summer for about six weeks for training before heading to Kentucky for a one-year dental internship. We can't wait to have him in Texas, even if he will be a few hours away. Lincoln enjoyed time with his grandparents, and we also got to meet our new niece, Ana, for the first time. (As well as new cousin Mya.) Lincoln wasn't so sure what to do with the girls, as you see in the photos. Lincoln also enjoyed seeing his cousin Owen at Brandon's open house - it will be fun to watch them play together when they get a bit older. Owen tried to play with Lincoln...but Lincoln isn't quite into it yet :) AND, right before we left for Detroit we learned the great news - Praise God, Josh and Marcie got confirmation that they have a daughter in Vietnam, waiting for them later this summer!! They've been so faithful and patient throughout the adoption process. The family is growing by leaps and bounds, and it will be so fun to watch all of the kiddos grow up. (By the end of the summer, there will be six babies under the age of 1! Next Thanksgiving will be a bit insane when we are all back together!)

Little Water Dog

Lincoln loves the pool!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

And, he's off!

Lincoln started crawling this weekend! I have a feeling our life just got a whole lot busier...