Monday, April 12, 2010

Valentines Day 2010

Well, this Valentines Day was a bit unusual. I spent the two days before Valentines Day admitted to the hospital because my amniotic fluid was low. Lawson is not due until March 8th, but it looks like I won't make it that far. We aren't sure what is going on, but thankfully the baby is still growing and looks fine. The placenta on the other hand, looks like it is about finished (doing whatever it is that it does :). Luckily, the doctor discharged me from the hospital on Febuary 13th so I got to celebrate Valentines with my 2 favorite boys (but she has put me on strict bedrest for the rest of the pregnancy.)

SO....there went our Valentines Day date plans! But making the best of it, Andrew picked up Carrabbas to-go and the 3 of us had a nice "family dinner date." Nothing could be sweeter than the sound of Lincoln running in the door, clutching a big bouquet of flowers and yelling "mommy - happy valentines mommy --here are some flowers!!" I feel so blessed to have two wonderful guys to celebrate with! It was a perfect day.

Preparing for Lawson time has flown with this 2nd pregnancy! I think Lincoln's nursery was ready 3 months early, and by January and we still hadn't bought a crib for Lawson! We have been so busy lately, and I find myself procrastinating. Maybe it's because I'm not nervous about having another baby - we are just thrilled and excited. Or, maybe it's because I realize that the baby won't even know where is he (or if his nursery is ready) for the first few months.

Finally, however, we bought furniture and my parents helped us put it together one weekend in January. I'm not due until March 17th (the C-section will occur on March 8th), but it will make me feel better to have the nursery completed by then, all the baby clothing washed and ready to go, etc. The theme is cute and is something that will hopefully grow with Lawson - potterybarn pirate ship bedding, and my mom made coordinated crib bedding. (Lincoln has decided that he now wants a pirate room...but we told him he is welcome to play in Lawson's room anytime. His room is staying themed as "safari" for quite a while.)

Here are some photos of us getting the nursery ready:

(Well, this photo actually shows Dad putting Linc's hut back together in his room (it had been disassembled since our move several months before.)

Me, almost 8 months pregnant.

Lawson's dresser came from Ikea...not the easiest assembly instructions to follow. Mom and I spent quite a while trying to figure it all out!

Linc enjoyed "helping" (sometimes playing with real tools, or when we needed to use them, he'd run and get "his" (fake) tools from his tool set.

*As I am writing this post months later, to catch up on blogging, Lawson surprised us and arrived 5 weeks early. The nursery wasn't quite complete when he was born, but my mom came to Houston and made the crib bedding during those first few weeks. It turned out great! Moms are simply the best :)