Friday, May 21, 2010

Easter 2010

This Easter we stuck with tradition and celebrated with the Bordens. Brandon also came down from Austin for the weekend. Gina and I cooked, and after lunch Bryce and Linc hunted eggs in our front yard. Jayden and Lawson just watched...but I bet next year they will be all over the egg hunt.

A "pre-Easter dinner" nap:

Jayden (5 months) & Lawson (2 months):

Bryce and Linc were excited to have their own table - I was excited that they would eat the strawberry jello pretzel salad over the marble entryway, rather than our carpeted dining room. Everybody wins!

Gina and Brandon at the table (just before Brandon drizzled ham glaze all over his mashed potatoes, thinking it was gravy. Oops!)

The egg hunt: sheer determination!

Counting the haul...
Hopefully Linc won't "find" any more poison ivy in our yard...been there, done that.

We started Easter morning by having Lincoln "hunt" for his Easter basket that the Easter bunny had hidden. His favorite part of his basket was an outdoor soccer ball.

Found it! That sneaky bunny...

Life is funny. For some reason, I had Easter morning all pictured in my head - it would be glorious. The kids would be in a good mood, wouldn't fight us to get dressed up, we'd get some great family photos, and Lincoln would gush over his Easter basket (rather than whine to eat more candy before church.) I quickly realized I was being unrealistic. It didn't exactly turn out like I is our "family photo" :
After some threats of an "Easter morning timeout" this is the best family shot I could get (yes, Linc was still not happy about the fact that he could not eat all the chocolate out of his basket before church, but he perked up when we said he could take his new, stuffed Easter bunny with him.)

At least Lawson was in a good mood - he must have loved his sweater vest and matching argyle socks. He knew he was stylin'.

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