Monday, June 2, 2008

Lincoln's first haircut

Andrew never ceases to amaze me - he's got talents I never thought he had! He decided last weekend that Linc needed a hair cut...and proceeded to give him one. He actually did a really good job. There's one spot where he nicked him (which, I of course, had to capture on film- note the "bald spot" near his ear) Overall, I was very impressed and it was pretty funny to watch. :)


Aja said...

I'm impressed with his haircutting skills too--I don't think I could do that! Precious pictures--he's growing up so fast!

Keith and Martha said...

I am impressed as well! We have been cutting Reese's hair since he was 11 months and I did SO bad the first time, we had to buzz it. It was so bad. Thankfully, hair grows and I recovered. Linc's looks great!

You all look so good. Linc is so handsome and really is a beautiful blend of you both. I really enjoy checking in with you all. It seems you have the sweetest life.

By the way, I went private on my blog but would love for you to check in if you want to. If so, email me at If not, that is just fine.

Blessings! M