Friday, August 1, 2008

Mexico and Linc's new toy

My mom came down and kept Linc for a week so Andrew and I could go with the sophomores and juniors to Mexico on a mission trip. He and my mom had a great time, and created some precious memories. Andrew and I missed him like crazy, but had a great trip. A few photos are below; the trip was a lot of manual labor! But our kids were amazing - they worked so hard, and had great attitudes, as most of the days were wet and muddy. I've also attached a video of Linc playing with his favorite new toy, a truck, courtesy of my mom. He loves all of the sounds that it makes, and just yesterday learned how to turn the key to make the engine "start." He giggles everytime he does it. Besides playing with his truck, his other favorite activity is to try and eat Major's dog food and turn over the water bowl...we have decided he has selective retention of what the word "no" means...he seems to understand it for just about everything BESIDES the dog food and water bowl :)

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