Monday, November 10, 2008


We got together with friends the other night (thanks again, Criders!) and it was so fun to see Whitney, David, Mylie and Coley who were in town from Dallas. It was also fun to be with Fran and Guy - even though Fran cheated and got off bedrest to come. We couldn't help but laugh as what used to be calm, lingering dinners has turned into "no, you have to eat your vegetables" and "don't throw that on the floor, please" and "please share that toy with so-and-so" all night long. How quickly times change! Below is a photo of all the kiddos (minus Livvy, who had already gone to bed.) Any day now Grayson Guy Mays will be joining the crew!

From the left: Mylie and Coley, Kaylynn and John David, Avery and Lincoln. We were lucky to get one photo of them before they all squirmed off the couch!



It was a fun night! Linc is precious!

Will, Shawna, Gaines and Ana said...

Can't wait to see you guys. I LOVE the pumpkin pictures and the dragon costume!