Sunday, January 25, 2009

MLK day playdate

Last week some of us got together when we had the day off for MLK day. It was fun to catch up and see the kids in different stages. Here are some cute photos (thanks DeAndria!) -

From left to right (and I hope I have the ages right) - Linc (16 mon...that age I know is correct), Kyleigh (6 mon - going on 20 years old...), Greysen (8 weeks - so tiny!), Riley (4 mon - and a little fashionista), and Austin (9 mon - he laughed and laughed all afternoon; such a happy guy)

Kyleigh was cracking us up - what a cutie. She kept hugging Lincoln during photo time. We didn't get it on camera, but Linc gave her a hug back and kissed her on the cheek. We have been told that Tiger gave her a stern talking to when he saw these pictures...but give them 25 years, and who knows.... :) I'm going to save the picture below in case there's ever a need for it at an engagement party...

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