Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend trip to Red River, NM

We enjoyed a getaway to Red River up to my parent's cabin over Labor Day weekend. Andrew and I went to Amarillo, dropped Lincoln off with my parents for a day or so, and then they joined us for the rest of the weekend. (We thought he might be sad to see us leave, but just hugged us and said "Bye mom, bye dad. I with Gramma and Grampa.") Why can't he have that calm attitude when we drop him off in the church nursery, or lately, at school?

Highlights of our little trip - Linc caught his first fish (on his brand new Spiderman fishing pole, courtesy of my dad), Andrew and I enjoyed four wheeling and hiking on the trails around town, and my mom and I shopped (even though the stores rarely change up there, you gotta go into town, visit them all, and make sure...)

When we got back to Amarillo we celebrated Lincoln's 2nd birthday (a few weeks early) with a "jungle animal theme" family party. It was fun getting to see Barrett and Tiffany's new house in Amarillo (we miss them like crazy!) and Lincoln made himself at home, just like he used to do in Sugar Land. Linc is finally getting the idea of the whole "birthday thing" - he got very excited about his presents and about the cake. (And later that night, got a major sugar high, as Aunt Tiffany can attest. He kept asking her to run back and forth across the backyard with him.)
Linc enjoyed his presents - a very cool tricycle from my parents (although he currently refuses to pedal it, saying "I don't like to pedal"), some Curious George books, and a tee-ball / automatic pitching machine from Barrett and Tiffany.
It was fun to get away, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, and it all made me miss Amarillo (and being so close to the mountains.) Here are a few photos:

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