Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Super hero fun - the latest clothing obsession

When my mom was here after Lawson's birth, she bought Lincoln a set of Superman pajamas (yep, the cute kind with the cape.) He went crazy over them - for a solid week, all that he wanted to wear. We had to pry them off of him to wash them. I caved and just let him wear them to the park, the mall, and on errands (you're only 2 once, right?) and it was pretty cute. My mom decided to buy him "a spare" and Lincoln chose Batman. (Keep in mind, I don't think he really understands who Batman or Superman really are; he's never seen the cartoons or movies...but the fact that they have a cape is all the info the boy needs.)

One day while my parents were in town, Linc decided that he wanted to wear his Superman pajamas to the park. Why not? You're only 2 once...

I have decided that I absolutely adore this age - there is nothing more precious than little boys!

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