Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gaines & Shawna come to visit

Gaines and Shawna flew in to visit for a few days before driving up with us to Abilene for Michael and Karri's wedding. We had a blast. Gaines is at a very fun age - talking non-stop, and very inquisitive. He played with Major, went to the children's museum, and Andrew took him to Build-a-Bear where he got a bear dressed in a basketball uniform (strangely, with the colors of the Detroit Pistons...I think he has his uncle to thank for that.) It was wonderful to get to hang out with Shawna (who is pregnant and due at the end of January); we only wish we all lived closer. And - Mikey and Karri's wedding was beautiful. Everyone had a great time hanging out and just celebrating them.

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