Saturday, November 17, 2007

Go Blue!

Unlce Brandon came in town this weekend, with Grandma Cope and cousins Michael and Karri, to meet Lincoln. It was also (conveniently) the Michigan v. Ohio State game. Brandon brought Link a U of M onesie (it said "The Big House, 107,501 1/2" - very cute) and U of M pacifier. Link was all decked out to watch Michigan lose, but he sure looked cute! Lincoln now weighs 10.14 pounds and is 24 inches long. The kid definitely likes to eat. Grandma had lots of fun holding her sixth great-grandchild (with 3 more on the way, due next spring.)

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Angela said...

He's getting so big! I always love to see when the "baby face" starts to have more specific features and look like who he is! So cute--hope y'all are doing well!