Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Lincoln was 6 weeks old on Halloween. He was dressed up as a bear (in my biased opinion, he was the cutest little bear EVER) and we went to the Fall Festival at church. (He wasn't all that wild about his costume; he kept trying to push his hood off of his head and cried for most of the evening...) He took pictures with all of his little pals ... us parents were, of course, much more into this activity than the kids. He also had several Halloween "accessories" that he had been given at various showers. So, we had fun dressing him up in his little pumpkin shoes, pants, hat and Halloween bib. (Poor kid :) He will hate that picture someday. My parents were in town before leaving for a cruise out of Galveston. They had a great time with Link; it seems like he gets more interactive every day.


Gram said...

Absolutely no doubt that he was the CUTEST little bear! Also a cutie in his other Halloween clothes.

Angela said...

Babies in costumes are adorable! He's getting so big--hope all is well!

annalee said...

i just found you! congrats on beautiful baby lincoln! i am so excited for you guys.